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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the upper deck is back in the headlines. what is next for him. >> high stress jobs can mean big health problems for women. we will show you why, today in the bay. >> good morning to you. 6:00 on monday morning. >> i'm brent cannon. we begin with rob with a look at the monday morning forecast which is good. it's the friday one we are
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worried about. >> laura is wearing the forecast with nice short sleeves. 60s and 70s and look at the forecast hour by hour. close to 80 around today. cooling towards the rest of the evening. i want to point out clouds off to the north will be dropping our way. we are talking temperatures in the 50s in the seven-day forecast. we will talk you through the timing in a few minutes. back to you. >> mike is off this morning and we will look at the morning commute together. let's start in the east bay looking at the travel times there. everything appears to be moving on time. all green and green means go along 580. 205 to i-80 with a little bit of slowing. the pass area as well in the east bay.
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it starts to get backed up, but it looks not too shabby. we will keep tabs on it. >> a high profile rape case begins in the east bay. seven men are accused of attacking a girl at a high school dance. live in richmond with a look at what's going to happen in court today. bob? >> the da charged seven men, most under 22 in the gang rape of the 16-year-old girl outside last year's homecoming dance at richmond high behind me. and they will be record are for a hearing so they can decide if there is enough evidence to move on. the hearing can last several days because the da is expected to call many to the stand including police, experts and witnesses. several people witnessed the gang rape as it went on for
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2 1/2 hours and did nothing. they were not aware they were going on since it was at a darker part to prevent it from going on. it spend $2.5 million and they improve the lighting and added fencing and cut back trees and installed over 200 security cameras. >> seems like it was last month. you think about that and what was running through their mind and why they did to that to her. >> the school is much safer than it was before, but you still have that conscious going on in your head. >> as for the 16-year-old victim, she has since chose tone remain anonymous and life the district and settled her case with the school district as well. live here in richmond, today in
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the bay. >> we have more on today's hearing coming up. our legal analyst will join us to talk about the hearing at about 6:15. >> three armed men on the run. it happened just before saturday night at 10:00 p.m. three men ran in with guns and forced employees and customers to run into the storeroom. the gunman got out before police arrived. all three men covered their faces and they don't have any descriptions. >> a cable car operator is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being stabbed on a cable car in chinatown. it happened about 4:20 yesterday at mason and jackson streets on a cable car out of service. there were no passengers on board. a suspect attacked the operator, stabbing him several times in the torso and the arm. officers arrested 32-year-old
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george wong at his home a coul of blocks away. they also arrested three family members who allegedly tried to prevent officers from taking him into custody. a motive for the attack is not clear right now. >> still in the investigation. they will talk to the witnesses as well as the victim. obviously because of the victim's injuries, they haven't been able to get an interview yet. >> it's sad. they are out here trying to help the tourists get around and enjoy our beautiful city on a beautiful day. it doesn't make sense. >> new this morning, one of the veteran defensive line men will appear in court on suspicion of driving under the influence. ray is expected to go before a judge at 9:00. a highway patrol patrolman pulled him over for driving 94
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miles per hour on 280. he was given a sobriety test and booked into the county jail, but released. he told the team he has been playing all season. >> the man who stopped traffic on the bay bridge goes to court. craig carlos will be arraigned. he called 911 thursday morning and threatened to blow up the bridge. he is accused of waving a pellet gun around. the district attorney's office charged him with making a false bomb threat. they didn't find anything when they searched his car. he faces kidnapping and child endangerment charges as well because he had a 16-year-old daughter with him at the time. >> cracking down on nightclub violence is a problem, but a proposal could mean getting your photo taken when you enter a club. it requires clubs to get your
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personal information. something has to be done to curb violence. shootings occurred at clubs in nine months, leaving 12 shot and five dead. police would hold on to the information for 15 days. attorneys say it's a violation of privacy. >> a college student is not going to be deported as schedules. the attorney for 20-year-old nursing student steven lee said dianne feinstein intervened. he was supposed to be deported today, but immigration authorities will have to delay. he was born in peru after parents moved there from china. his parents face deportation back to china. >> there will be a propest later today. local construction trucks from around the bay area say they will surround the building. they are demanding to give work
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on projects that need truckers and are part of a stimulus project. it starts in less than an hour at 7:00. the jobs they should have been hired for have been contracted out to foreign workers. >> facebook will announce something later on today. scott said it could move into e-mail, but do we need more ways to get e-mail? >> sure doesn't feel like it. we have work e-mail and probably personal e-mail too. who needs another? that will be the tough question for facebook as executives meet with reporters in san francisco. that's assuming that is what facebook is announcing. they had a rash of apple-like announcements. they had more than apple has. the "wall street journal" listed the top earning ceos in america, the head of liberty media getz the top spot. the look behind the peninsula and yahoo c, o with the fourth best paid executive in the country. you have to go all the way down
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to 18th to find another tech company. the head of ibm makes about half of what she does. the head of mcdonald's, $8 million a year. the ceo of lowe's just $4 million. >> but mcdonald's you get all of the meals you want. >> it's a tough economy and many fear losing their jobs. one study shows how that can affect a woman's health in particular. chris sanchez shows us the latest research and perhaps a yoga move. >> if you are worried about losing your job, that can make you weigh more and have higher have higher cholesterol. for the women in your life, having a demanding job with little control, that can be deadly. this morning a new study targeting women in particular was a federally funded study by
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the national institutes of health. researchers followed women for 10 years. they were workers from nurses up to ph.d.s and most of them white around the age of 57. they honed in on the women who said they did demanding work with little or no authority or opportunity to use their own judgment. researchers call this job strain and say those women had a 40% increased risk of cardiovascular disease. they had an 88% increase for heart attack and a 43% increase for bypass or other invasive surgeries. why is it relevant? 33.7% of women die of heart disease and stroke, 106 women every day. here's the thing. heart experts say we don't have to take it lying down zeechlt to manage our stress. that means exercising and fining time for ourselves and trying not to bring the work home with us. that's difficult sometimes.
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always it's important to take time for yourself, as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day. hard to find when you have a family and a demanding job, but in the end it could help you protect your heart and keep you out of the emergency room. >> thanks a lot, chris. the crab season is on hold this morning. fishermen will wait for better weather and maybe better crabs. they expect a lot of crab this is year, however they may not be as full and meaty. they expect gusty winds and high seas so they will wait. they are haggling over the price per pound. if they can wait a few more days, they may get more per pound and maybe they will find bigger crabs and get a better price. they want to see how meaty they are and what they would bring at market. >> that are would be nice to get puffed out. i'm allergic to it. hopefully the morning commute is looking good for you. so far it's good. want to start in the south bay.
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let's take a look at the drive times through there. still no slowing to report. that's good as they become very busy along 280 and 101 through the peninsula, looking good. along the bayshore freeway in state 287 a little while ago. looking fabulous. where is mike when i need him. over the east bay, my old stomping grounds. looks good and a nice way to head out the door. you always get a jump on the traffic. the same to be reported along 580 and 680. want to check in with rob. it's a nice day today. warm in fact. the change is in the works. >> big changes by the end of the week. the temperatures are downright toasty in novato. highway 101 is moving through the north bay. 72 in novato.
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they have the north winds mixing in the warm air, but you will see 50 no, sir a few spots. 60s and 70s to start off. we are dry for now and the bigger changes by the end of the week. we are talking temperatures dropping off and a chance of showers by the time we head to next weekend. breezy and dry and t-shirt weather for one more day. 70s to low 80s, but the changes start to arrive. cooling around wednesday, but thursday and friday, highs into the 60s and 50s this weekend with showers as we head towards the upcoming weekend. >> what are a range. amazing. >> it fluctuates so much. time is 6:13. a car dealership is giving away assault rifles and find out about a promotion raising a lot of eyebrows. >> u.s. fores under attack and see the damage from the latest attack. >> a bay area charity needs your help. how far they are from reaching the goal in time for thanksgiving. we will have a live report on
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that coming up. >> in the meantime, take a live look outside. looks like downtown san jose. enjoy the temperatures today and the weekend. as you mentioned, change in the works. 6:13 right now.
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♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better. >> good morning. a live look outside. time now is 6:16. the trial of men gang raping a girl outside of her homecoming dance gets started today. good morning and thanks for
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coming by. as we mentioned, this is the pretrial where the prosecutors need to prove to the judge that yes, we can go forward. >> they have to show a reasonable suspicion that a crime was submit committed and these seven committed a crime. it's not beyond a reasonable doubt, but it's a good way to get a preview of your case. they will put on a lot of witness and forensic evidence. >> all seven going on trial at the same time. does that make it easier or more difficult? is it a unique thing when you got all and you are tieing it together. >> it's more difficult. that means you have seven lawyers cross examining balances. it's a big challenge for the da. there may be an opportunity to step up and say they will testify against the others. they will look at that as an option. these seven face a long sentence. >> there were so many stunning aspects, but one was there were
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so many people who saw what happened and they didn't do anything. you were mentioning that's one of the things that people are looking at. it's not illegal to do nothing, but people are thinking we need to look at. >> you can't participate to any degree. they were egging this behavior on. that would be criminal, but merely watching and not doing anything did does not make you liable. a lot of people are upset particularly that it was a minor involved, a 15-year-old girl and no one helped her. the victim's identity has been protected and her identity not released. it's a criminal case. does she take the stand? you don't think she will. does that make it hard for the prosecution as well? >> it may make it easier because
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she won't have to testify twice. california law was changed for victim's rights so you don't have to testify at a preliminary hearing. they can testify through the police officers. she will have to testify at the trial. she will have to face the accusers at that time. >> sheville to go on the stand? >> absolutely. >> this is a jury trial and you have seven people. if you can try one person, you in a sense get to know who that person is that you are judging. when there seven, is it hard to make an assessment? >> it's up to the da to make sure they understand there seven defendants and they're entitled to seven verdicts. this is not new. they face this in gang prosecutions and multiple defendant cases t. makes it more cumbersome and longer, but if they did it seven times, this could have would have to testify in each trial. >> that are would be a tough thing to do.
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very tough case and thank you for spreading a little bit of insight on it. >> thank you. >> 6:19 right now. the taliban fired a rocket at a nato base in afghanistan. it destroyed six vehicles and no one was killed or injured. insurgents are stepping up attacks against afghan and nato forces. nine security guards tied in another attack. >> the obama administration has a plan to transfer security duties in parts of afghanistan. that will happen in 18 to 23 months. the plan is to end the mission in 2014. right now 30,000 american soldiers necessary afghanistan. the plan will be presented at a nato summit in portugal. >> prince william paid a visit to troops. he and the secretary flew to southern afghanistan for a memorial service. more than 340 british service men and women have died since
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the war started in 2001. congress returns to washington for the lame duck session when all the lawmakers come back for the last few weeks of business. the white house might surrender and extend tax cuts for the wealthy at a cost of nearly $700 billion. congress also needs to pass spending bills to avoid a shut down and deal with the big items. medicare preventing another cut and social security. >> we have this under grips. to find bipartisan agreements to reform before it's too late. >> democrats are hoping they can squeeze in approving $250 social security cuts to make up for a cost of living increase. >> scott continues our coverage and when we talk about tax cuts for the rich. the word rich covers a lot of people. people in california and the bay area.
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>> $250,000 and up and i won't pretend that it's not a lot of money. for a lot of people it is and for californians, less so. the top 2% really tend to be the super, super rich. in fact that top 5% of americans gets half the cut when is you measure it out. when you tax the super rich at a higher rate, that helps bring down the deficit, no question of that. the nonpartisan budget office puts the tax cuts for the rich that cost about $700 billion over 10 years. critics point out the conservatives who are in favor of extending the cuts routinely call this health care plan too expensive and fail to realize the tax breaks on the rich are 2.5 times more expensive than that. if you tax the super rich, you get about $700 billion back. that helps bring down the deficit, but not very much.
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it has been the recession, everybody has a way of blaming congress for the recession or the budget deficit. it's really the recession. >> the interesting thing is you talk about trillions of dollars. sometimes a billion is not that much. >> who cares. it's not that much money. it's mind-boggling numbers. buy a truck, get a gun. that's the offer from a dealership in central florida. not just any gun, but an ak-47 assault rifle. nation's trucks is giving anybody who buys a truck a $400 voucher to go to a gun shop and get the gun. they have to pass a background check first. the owners know this is a controversial idea, but their sales have more than doubled since that promotion started. would be robbers find themselves in a tight spot.
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all for an amazing $7.99!!! that's sizzler! just before 6:26. clear skies and breezy, but pretty nice start to the morning. 60s and 70s right now. if you like the weekend weather, one more day of the temperatures. mid 70s around san francisco should push 80 in the warmest places. if not, maybe low 80s across the valleys and north and east bay. tomorrow a little bit cooler, but the bigger cooling arrives for the second hastful week. highs in the north 60s with showers friday and only 50s this weekend and maybe even cold enough for mount hamilton snow through the weekend. big changes at the end of the week. >> three active duty soldiers
6:27 am
look more like keystone cops. this is from inside a pot dispensary. the men are all soldiers from ft. carson. they had ski masks and crowbars and did not have an escape plan much the door locked behind it and they are stuck inside. they pried the door open, but it closed and locked. even if they hadn't been, they put all the monskpet marijuana in a safe and they didn't get anything anyway. >> but their picture taken on camera. >> former president clinton was in the role he was born to play in a sequel. it myself surprise you. we have the star. >> mark twain's auto biography. why reading this one could be like having a conversation with the author. >> a bay area charity is far from its goal of helping families in need. see what you can do to help out.
6:28 am
>> i live look outside at the bay bridge and a nice looking shot and ought to be a nice day on tap weather-wise. you want to know about changes down the road. rwith fo be ngr that. my heart kept speeding up and slowing down. - i couldn't breathe. - she was so tiny. i couldn't play with my grandson. i was in constant pain. announcer: at sutter health we share our expertise and invest in new technologies, because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - now he can shoot some hoops again. - i can ride. she's perfect. i got my life back.
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>> more than 150 families in the east bay signed up for help, but the shelves are bare. how you can help, coming up. >> can you hear me now? a community is helping. we will show you why this november 15th, here in the bay. we want to get you started
6:31 am
with rob. it's feeling warm to start the day. >> 60s and 70s and a few spots around the bay area and look at the lunchtime temperatures going hour by hour. we should be approaching 80 in the warmer places inland, but beginning tomorrow we will see changes which will include temperatures dropping later this week and even the chance of bay area mountain top snow. we got that in the seven-day forcast in a few minutes. back to you. >> let's hope that the morning commute is saz fabulous as today's temperatures. we are letting him sleep in and i'm filling in for mike this morning and through the south bay, 85 and 87 looking fabulous and remains to be that way throughout the morning so far. hope we don't jinx it. 280 is also fabulous. nice way to start your monday morning. along the maze, looks like travel types are looking good. slowing a little bit as we moved on through the morning and not too bad. it helps to head out the door
6:32 am
early along the bayshore freeway. travel times are right on time. keep it up. >> dozens of people in need may not get a thanksgiving turkey this year. places that usually help are in dire need of donations, particularly for turkeys. christie smith joins us live from antioch with a look at how short they are. christie? >> reporter: good morning. the salvation army is saying each year more and more people need help. about 150 families in contra costa county signed up for help. they need turkeys and this is just a little bit of what they have so far. obviously not enough to feed everyone. they have about 37 turkeys donated on friday. that was seven. we were quite worried and they put the word out that they needed help. every day they feed people. this is federal food they have given to them. they feed families and this year 150. this is jackie smith.
6:33 am
you were saying a couple years ago it was 50. >> yes. a couple of years ago it was 50 families. last year it was 75 and this year it's 150 families. still calling. >> what's going on? is it still the economy? >> it is. that is such a weird word, but it is the economy and people not having jobs and not having money and not having elasticity in their money. the thing that suffers first is food. in families with children, that's not something we want to see happen. we want to be able to feed the children. >> if you had it your way, what can people give in addition turkeys and ham. >> lots of turkey and peanut butter and cereal and soups and beans. things that you feed your own
6:34 am
family to keep them healingy. if everybody would go out and buy for their family and think about another one, i think we could do it. >> we will get the word out and if you want to help, we will put the address up there for the salvation army. it's here in antioch. 525 east 18th street here in antioch. the zip code is there on the screen. they of course accept monetary donations. that's the latest from here reporting live in antioch, christie smith today in the bay. >> wireless towers may not be going up. for the next several months in and around walnut creek, the counsel will consider a-month moratorium in residential neighborhoods. that move comes after neighbors demanded changes in city rules to specify where the towers are placed. current law regulates the height, but not exactly where they can go. despite public outcry, mountain
6:35 am
view approved a cell phone tower to go up on top of the city's first presbyterian church last week. it wasn't pretty, but the 49ers pick up a win and they get an overtime thriller. the quarterback giving fans a lot to be excited about. a nice catch by michael crab tree. he threw for 356 yards and joe kicked the game-winning field goals in overtime. they had three other touchdowns wiped out by penalties and they go on to salvage it and approved the 3-6 this season. next up is tampa bay. the raiders are back on the field and they had a bye and play in pittsburgh. y that will stretch the winning streak. check this out. people in charge at the new meadow lns stadium are trying to figure out what caused a blackout in the giants cowboys game. the lights went out for about 12
6:36 am
minutes. they probably wish they stayed out. they lost to the cowboys and they have been struggling and have a new head coach. they won at 33-20. >> for over 100 years, the mission of the ywca remained steadfast with women, children, and families and to eliminate hatred and prejudice. now you can help. they are holding a fund-raiser and you can still attend. kelly ramirez joins us to talk about the event and the word for the wise. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a huge event. an annual luncheon at the santa clara county convention center. >> correct. >> it's open to the public. >> absolutely. >> you are expected to make a big donation. >> we are asking for a minimum of $150 per person. >> that money goes far. so many different services. >> absolutely. we have a number of departments
6:37 am
we do rape crisis and domestic violence and youth services and child care and counseling services. >> it helps in so many ways. also at the event, i attended before and luckily i get to be a part of it and i'm excited about that. you always have great inspirational speakers that come in and tell stories. we have doris coming in and i spoke with her and she will cater the talk around the leadership of eleanor roosevelt and president lincoln. >> you mentioned the service that is it provides free to women and families of the silicon valley. it's fabulous. have you seen the program grow? unfortunately in the need of servicing people in. >> the sneneeds have grown, absolutely.
6:38 am
we want to make sure we hit the needs and the money will go a long way in helping us to do that. >> it's nice to know you can make a difference. you certainly can come out and i would love to meet you. come on out to the santa clara convention center and it has been at different locations and it is tomorrow. networking starts at 11:00 and lunch is at noon. thank you for joining us and look forward to seeing you there and anybody would love to see you make a difference. >> time now is 6:38. congress reports to duty and a preview is coming from up washington. >> a rare hearing begins today. find out what role a bay area lawmaker will play in the ethics trial. >> parts of the bay area a pretty warm start in the 60s and 70s and we have rather big changes coming up through the workweek that includes showers and much cooler weather. details coming up next today in the bay.
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>> pleasant start in napa. temperatures up 66 degreesment 60 in san jose. 62 degrees and 60s is the trend
6:42 am
around the bay area. we are also seeing oakland in the 60s right now. satellite and radar shows you things are dry to the moment, but slides to the south starting thursday and friday. the temperatures will drop off later, but in the meantime enjoy lots of sunshine and dry and breezy for another day today. 70s to low 80s today. a chance of showers and showers and cooler weather for the weekend. >> thanks a lot. 6:42 and congress gets back to work today or does it? a live report from washington coming up next. >> sun coming up and a nice day on cap. a lovely weekend. 6: 426: right now.
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good morning,everybody. time now is 6:45. just about on the dot. the nights looking shot outside. clear skies and you will feel like it's a little bit warm. the daytime temperatures getting close to 80. watch out down the road. we will be checking in with him in a bit. >> a rare ethics trial starts in washington, d.c. a panel is looking at charles rangle from new york. he is accused of not declaring rental income to the irs from the rental property he owned in the dominican republic and also accused of not disclosing assets and using official resores to raise money.
6:46 am
the chair woman of the athices committee. >> nancy pelosi was a rallying cry. tracy pots is live in washington, d.c. and it worked, kind of. >> kind of, brent. she won't be fired per se. she will be representing the bay area, but won't be in charge of the majority. we understand under a deal worked out, she will be the new minority leader in the house representing democrats that. is expect to be announced later this week. meantime the old congress as the new members start to file in. the old congress has a lot of work to domainly trying to figure out what to do with the bush tax cuts that expire at the end of the year. there may be a temporary solution, a compromise by the white house that suggests they would extend the tax cuts for the wealthy, but only temporarily. president obama apparently interested in pursuing that and
6:47 am
say this was almost a quote, if that's all they can get, they will take it. that's got to be done by the end of the year and pass spending bills. not one pass, the government now running on borrowed money. they have to try to get some of those spending bills passed and also deal with social security and medicare. it's a heavy agenda for a lame duck congress. >> it is a lot. we will see how it goes. thanks, tracy. >> i hope to not be a lame duck traffic reporter this morning. here's east bay travel times. so far moving smoothly. they rarely change. this is nice for a monday morning and getting out the door early. as you head over to the east bay in oakland, 580 moving smoothly. all times as normal. a little bit of slowing as it looks like you get to the interchange. to 580, same thing. nothing new to report there. this is fabulous. east shore freeway looking good.
6:48 am
along the maze, everything moving at posted time limits. a little bit of slowing through 980. not too bad and east bay along the pass to 680. usually that gets tied up and not a problem as well. >> they are not taking anything out on you. telling you. i want to check in with rob and see mother nature. you got it easy now, but got your work cut out later on. >> 70s thanks to north wins through novato. the 70s now will be a lot warmer than the weekend highs we will see coming up in the seven-day forecast. gusty once again across the north and east bay hills. that is the reason why the skies are clear and will be warming up, but changes in the gulf will drop down on us beginning late thursday and friday and the temperatures will start to drop off. for the meantime, a gorgeous day with dry and breezy and 70s to low 80s. the changes you will notice on thursday, the temperatures drop off and a chance of showers
6:49 am
dropping into the north bay into friday. the air will be cold enough to support bay area mountain top snow. especially at 4,000 feet. 70s and 80s. the coast or inland valleys and tomorrow about the same. big time cooling starting thursday and friday and yes, once again you need the umbrella. temperatures in the 50s. >> what are a change. 6:49. high profile bay area rape case begins in the bay area about two hours from now. seven men are accuse of attacking a girl at a high school dance. live in richmond this morning with a look at what will happen in court this morning. bob? >> good morning, laura. the seven men you are referring to, most of them under 22 years old have been charged with the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. a former student after last year's homecoming dance took place on campus.
6:50 am
those men expected in the courtroom later this morning for a preliminary hearing. this is so the judge can decide whether there is enough evidence and the hearing could last several days because the da is expected to call many to the stand including police, experts and witnesses. many watched the gang rape as it went on for 2 1/2 hours and did nothing. security and administrators were not aware this was going on especially since it was at a darker part of the school grounds. the school district spent $2.5 million on security upgrades at richmond high. they improved lighting and added fencing and cut back trees and installed 2 dozen security cameras. >> it was the best investment we could have made to ensure the safety of the students. >> the school looks much safer than it was before. you still have that conscious going on in your head.
6:51 am
>> the victim, a 16-year-old, has remained anonymous since the crime took place and left the district and settled her case with the district as well. live here in richmond, today in the bay. >> let's check the markets. dow industrials up 44 points and caterpillar making a huge buy worth $7 billion. we are hearing rolls royce, the british company will replace the engines on all the super jumbos and the double-decker jumbos. a big problem. i should point out general electric owns the stations and makes jet engines. dow up after just a spectacularly bad week last week. brent? >> scott, thank you very much. getting the cameras lined up and
6:52 am
we had to wait a minute. work can make you stressed. a new study points to the toll that stress can take on you if you are a woman in particular. today in the bay's chris sanchez has the results. people are going yeah, of course. you have more details on this. >> i have gotten a couple of did y you -- this is a study focusing on women and stress. most of the previous dita was from men's studies. researchers followed 17,000 healthy women for 10 years and most of them white healing professionals, nurses aides to ph.d.s and most of people around 57. they had little opportunity to use their skills. they called it job strain and they had a 40% increased risk of cardiovascular disease. they had an increase in the risk
6:53 am
for heart attacks and 40% increased risk in needing bypass surgery or invasive treatments. in california, 33.7% of women die in heart disease and stroke, an average of 106 women every day. worrying about losing your job can put you at risk for gaining weight and high are blood pressure and cholesterol. here's the thing. health experts say you don't have to take this lying down. you have to manage your stress and get exercise and spend time having fun with your friends and family and we can't forget about the importance of play. i would add one more thing. if this is about work stress, i would say try to address the stresses at work and maybe talk to your boss and rearrange what you can. try to think about something else. brent, don't stress laura out. >> i'm trying not to and i'm pushing hard for in-studio massage therapy. that's my new cause. >> feel the love.
6:54 am
the popularity of the book at the center of the next story is not exaggerated at all. the first of four volumes of mark twain's auto biography are on sale today. they have been locked up in a uc berkeley archive for 100 years. the author of the classics wanted it that way. he also want the auto biography published the way he dictated it. it won't number chronological order, but it came to mind. something to look forward to. also the morning commute, it's been nice out there. mike had the morning off and hopefully he gets a chance to sleep in. others will be sleeping in and looking good, although at a toll plaza, metering lights are on and you get to wait for the nearest and dearest closest new
6:55 am
friends. that's the only back ups we have to report as drive times are going pretty good. we see slowing it looks like along 87 there. you get a little stopped up, but back your patience. >> if you have a trip, you better pack everything. coming to the bay area, get ready for 80s and snow. >> a bizarre week. we had a gorgeous weekend this past weekend with 70s and 80s and today this morning thanks to north winds, it's already warm outside. around novato and napa, upper 60s and 70s. breakfast time, it's short sleeve weather outside. for everyone around noon today, the temperatures are climbing mid- to upper 70s on the way. 70s and 80s today. focusing on the now and tomorrow just fine, we have 70s and 80s. the end of the week, 50s and the
6:56 am
air dropping close to 4,000 feet that puts mount hamill in the range of dusting snow. not a soaker, but incredibly cooler with highs in the mid 50s. >> we have the big roller coaster going on. >> the abrupt change. >> one last thing and i don't know if you saw this, bill clinton will be in a movie. "people" magazine says the president will play himself in hangover 2. clinton filmed a brief scene in thailand as he was there to give a speech on clean energy. this is not clips from the movie. it's the sequel toll hangover. they lose their friend after a wild night in las vegas. this will be the second time he portrayed himself. the first time he was in a cbs movie called the child's wish in 1997. the hangover thing probably not quite as wholesome. you can name the two other
6:57 am
president who is played themselves on tv in a fictional story? >> on? >> i thought jimmy carter was in something. >> he was on home improvement playing himself. >> i'm going to go with reagan because of his acting. >> he has been on tv many times, but not playing himself. jerry ford in dynasty. >> that's interesting. >> 1983. >> of their times, very big shows. >> president reagan's wife on different strokes. that i remember. >> i thought it was all in the family. >> it was just say no. it was a big campaign. >> we have to say goodbye. the "today" show is up next. >> have a great day. rule the tweet.
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